Calling all Papers! HDBaseT Automotive Conference Now Accepting Presenter Applications

Oct 23, 2017 10:40:06 AM

You can’t pick up an industry or even mainstream publication without reading something about connectivity in the vehicle and what our future cars will do. But how is all of that going to actually happen with today’s in-vehicle infrastructure? The short answer, we don’t know. The long answer, HDBaseT Automotive offers the ultimate solutions for in-vehicle connectivity, including high bandwidth, advanced networking topologies and a highly robust mechanism to address EMC challenges.

HDBaseT Automotive revolutionizes in-vehicle connectivity with multi-gig transmission of ultra-high-definition digital video and audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, control signals, USB 2.0, and power, all over a single UTP cable.

Dr. Ingo Kuss, editor of the German publication, Automobil Elektronik, recognizes the contribution of HDBaseT technology to the automotive industry and has announced the inaugural HDBaseT Automotive Conference. The conference, to be held on April 26th, 2018 in Munich, will focus on the benefits, applications and future of HDBaseT Automotive technology for in-vehicle connectivity, the challenges and opportunities. OEMs and all levels of suppliers will come together to discuss solutions and technologies and network with industry experts.  

There are a variety of topics related to in-vehicle connectivity to discuss. To make the car of the future a reality, these topics need to be addressed now. Event organizers are currently accepting applications for presenters on the following topics:

Physical Layer and Interconnections

  • Electrical/Electronic Architecture with HDBaseT
  • Ethernet and HDBaseT
  • Test and Validation
  • Tooling
  • Network Security
  • Applicable Use Cases of HDBaseT Automotive

Submit your Application for a speaking slot by October 31st, 2017.

Conference URL: 

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