Fighting for Health, One Link at a Time

Apr 1, 2020 11:00:28 PM

Audiovisual technology has been an intrinsic element in the healthcare market for a while now – from digital signage in hospitals and clinics to telemedicine to help those in remote locations, and even during medical procedures, where complex surgeries or exams can benefit from high-quality video image to help doctors precisely and accurately perform at their best.  For medical-grade imaging, a reliable connectivity solution is necessary.  That implies high image quality, simplicity and interoperability between various sources and displays.

HDBaseT has been a player in the medical sector for a while now, as it addresses some of the critical challenges in the field, namely performance & reliability, system integration, and tight spaces. Several Alliance members are major players in the medical sector, and have developed top grade devices to help doctors and patients in the fight for better health and life.  This is particularly true now, with the Coronavirus pandemic. We are proud of our members who are working tirelessly to continue to provide the necessary help to hospitals and clinics around the world.

One of our members – a medical company based in Europe – has developed an advanced ventilation system which is particularly critical in these challenging times.  HDBaseT is embedded in these devices to guarantee high-performance data distribution with zero latency, helping doctors and nurses optimize the care for their patients.

The company has recently received additional orders for these HDBaseT-enabled ventilators – more than 10K units – to increase the number of devices in intensive care units by roughly one-third, and as such guarantee that patients are taken care of if their Coronavirus situation deteriorates. To guarantee timely delivery, other Alliance members have stepped up to help this company quickly expand its production capacity with support in manufacturing, assembly and programming activities, underlining the value of partnership and interoperability.

Besides the obvious success of the HDBaseT technology in this case, we are even prouder to take an active part against this pandemic.

HDBaseT has been an active player in several markets, such as commercial & enterprise, education, residential, retail, and also healthcare. There are many benefits of HDBaseT for the health field. First is the highest quality uncompressed video and data distribution, meeting the high medical-grade standards. System interoperability is also essential as it enables the connection of multiple devices and allows seamless video distribution, while handling different formats, and input or output types.  HDBaseT also enables long-distance transmission, particularly useful to train physicians and keep people at safe distances. It considerably simplifies installations with plug-and-play capabilities over simple cabling.  Last, it can considerably reduce cable clutter by converging different interfaces over the same link, without compromising performance or features for an optimized medical environment.

Even as we engage in #social_distancing, we still must take care of each other, and make sure we overcome this pandemic.  This is particularly true in the medical field, where thousands of professionals are putting themselves at risk while treating us. We send a major shout-out to all of you who are in the front lines in this battle, not only in hospitals and clinics,  but those working in supermarkets, pharmacies, deliveries, social welfare, and also the AV professionals making sure the systems are up & operational.  You are true heroes and we commend you for your efforts. We will win this battle.

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