The Auto Industry Prepares to Take On Cybersecurity

Mar 23, 2017 9:00:00 PM

Cybersecurity – we hear so much about this topic in the media today, but how can consumers feel safe from hackers while on the road?

According to U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines published in October 2016, the number one approach for mitigating risk of a cyberattack, is to use a layered approach, which should:

  • Prioritize identification and protection of safety-critical vehicle control systems and personally identifiable information
  • Provide quick detection and rapid response measures to potential vehicle cybersecurity incidents
  • Design-in methods and measures to facilitate rapid recovery from incidents when they occur
  • Institutionalize methods for accelerated adoption of lessons learned across the industry through effective information sharing, such as through participation in the Auto ISAC.

It is the duty of the automotive industry to protect vehicle data and ensure the integrity of that data across the connected car network. However, some automotive suppliers and tech companies go beyond these measures, creating comprehensive and standardized cybersecurity measures within vehicles.

Two types of data are present within the connected vehicle: data from car mechanisms and data from the internet. These two types of data make vehicles vulnerable to both physical access and internet access security risks, and it’s the job of the automotive industry to mitigate those uncertainties and provide safe, secure cybersecurity solutions for automobile owners.

HDBaseT Automotive is a secure in-vehicle connectivity solution that enables simultaneous tunneling of high-throughput video and data streams, over a single, low-cost unshielded cable, while guaranteeing top performance and low latency.

As part of its standardization activities, the HDBaseT Alliance is working towards enhancing integrated security measures within the car, to help drivers stay safe on the roads.

How will automakers take these guidelines and security measures into account when designing vehicles? Comment below with your take.

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